Walk a Mile in my Shoes

I haven’t posted anything in so long, and as much as I’d like to use some witty or funny excuse about how I met a guy and we’re getting married, and I’ve moved to another country so my life is super hectic right now – oh wait. That’s exactly what’s happening.
But, here it is. The shoe post that’s been, to be honest, sitting in my drafts and just waiting for me to get off my ass and take some pictures of my shoes!

Shoes are the basics of any girl’s wardrobe. I’ve built so many of my outfits around a pair of shoes, or made purchases based on whether or not I have suitable shoes for it. Therefore, it seems rather suitable that my first fashion post is a sort of inventory of my shoes.

I, myself, have a very complicated relationship with shoes. Growing up, I felt the need to defeat the overdone feminine stereotypes of women and their immense shoe collections. One summer, I remember outright refusing to wear any shoes that weren’t my Converses, demanding they went with everything and were proof of having defeated the mainstream. Then again, I was a tomboy who refused to acknowledge the feminine parts of myself, as I didn’t recognize that they weren’t weaknesses.

I’ve always been in denial about my shoe collection, and yet here I am, making a post of all some the shoes I’ve amassed over the years. I’ve recently had to sort through and toss a few pairs, and not all of them have made it to my current move, though one day we’ll be reunited (in which case, another post will likely come). Anyone who knows me knows that I never wear flat shoes. I don’t like them (for me), cause they don’t do me any favours. I don’t want to attribute my fashion sense to my insecurities, but for me (and for the majority of the people I know), my personal style is built around flaunting what I have, and conquering my insecurities. Some people consider it shallow, but I call it self love. If simply getting dressed for the day makes you love yourself just a little bit more, what harm is there?

That got heavy real quick, so let’s get back to the purpose of this post – the shoes.

Everyday shoes, outfit shoes, and … everything else.

All shoes are everyday shoes if you’re determined enough. That’s what I tell myself, but I’ve been told that relatability is something people look for when reading. So these are the shoes I commit to and build my wardrobe around when I realize that I’ll need to actually walk (or stand) for long periods of time. These are my everyday/walking/toningitdown shoes.

Michael Kors Brandy Booties

The first pair is a pair of Michael Kors booties, and my first real investment in designer shoes. They’re also the most comfortable shoes I own, and i could walk, run, stand, for hours in them – if I ran, that is. That being said, my feet are different from your feet, and my best advice for people buying shoes is to try them on. I’ve worn these through two (Toronto) winters now, and they’re relatively durable. I did, however, have to get them resoled and the heels redone, since I walked in them a lot.

Dr Martens Magdalena Booties

The second pair is my Dr Martens. My Docs. Growing up, I always wanted a pair, but I always found them a bit ugly (too low). Imagine my excitement when they released a pair of heeled boots! They’re not that high, but they’re durable which is my number one complaint with heels. Most of them aren’t built to last, and within 10 wears, the heel’s gone to shit. I mean, I guess it doesn’t help that I walk a lot in heels despite them being non-walking shoes, but come on. Word of warning though, these do have the classic problems of Docs; hard soles, heavy boots, but nothing a little (a lot) of wear won’t soften up.

Next up is my outfit shoes. The shoes that I bought with outfits in mind, or just to complete my outfits. I will say, though, this section’s been cut down a lot, since all I brought with me to the great US of A is my essential shoes.

Nine West Nude Pumps

Nude heels are an essential. They’re so understated, and just so wonderfully neutral that they basically go with everything. They’re timeless. Even if they don’t really match your skin tone, they still make a great accent piece. These ones in particular are one of the first real pairs of heels I owned. I’ve worn these for a whole bunch of different things, but mostly for everyday wear. They’re super casual but they’re still heels so people think you’re dressing up more than you actually are. They’re great for when you want to be low key but still stylish as hell.


Nine West Ebba Leather Pumps

Every girl needs a pair of basic black pumps, and these are mine. I will say though, they’re pointy and that’s my only real complaint about them. They look sharp as hell with any outfit, in more ways than one, but they do pinch. My toes are not meant to be in a triangular formation, at least not in one as drastic as pointed shoes. That being said, I love the look of them, and after a bit more wear, they get a bit more worn in and a bit more comfortable. I mainly wear these with pants, but really, they look good with almost any outfit.

Cape Robbin Thigh High Boots

One day I’ll own a pair of Dior latex boots from their FW2015 season. Today is not the day, but I gotta say, the knockoffs are getting better and better. I mean, obviously these aren’t made with the same quality, and won’t last as long as originals would, but they’re comparatively cheap and you get the aesthetic. They’re my favourite shoes, but my one complaint is that they’re loud as fuck. They are so loud. Other than that though, these shoes are great – surprisingly versatile, and they look so good. Whenever I can’t figure out what shoes to wear, I wear these. My favourite look is these boots with a long skirt.


JustFab Jayla Heels

These are one of the few pairs of shoes I bought without trying on in store. That being said, they’re alright. They were realllllly cheap though, so I mean I can’t complain too much. They’re really cute, though not very comfortable (I was sorta expecting this though). I have regular-width feet, and the edges of the toe area chafe my feet when I walk, but I’ll keep an eye on it while I break them in! I have a suspicion that these run a bit large, though so it could also be that. Regardless, they’re a nude-pink colour that’s super versatile; you can play up the pink with more contrasting colours, or play up the nude with more neutral ones.


These are my shelf shoes. The shoes that I love to death but can’t/don’t wear. They sit there on my shelf and serve more as life lessons or reminders than fashion statements to be honest, but I feel like they’re an important part of the wardrobe. I mean, sometimes you just need a pair of shoes to remind you to do (or not do) certain things!

Nike Sneakers

So I do own a pair of flat shoes. A single pair of sneakers. Nobody’s ever really seen me in these, but they’re there. I think I’ve worn them once so far this year, to go to the convenience store to buy Doritoes. It was a 5 minute walk from home, the store, and back. I don’t dislike these shoes – I actually like them a whole lot. They’re sort of a reminder for me to (one day) hit the gym and stop abusing my metabolism. They’re also a reminder that my wardrobe is ready for that step in my life, whenever I decide to stop procrastinating, but baby steps, you know?

Pleaser Dagger Patent Pumps

On the other hand, there’s these shoes. They’re gorgeous. I love them to death, and I bought them, rather arrogantly, thinking I could wear them regularly. Nope. To be honest, it hurts just to stand in them, but they look so good, and make my legs look amazing. These are sitting shoes. Like shoes that you put on and then get someone to carry you around in. Sometimes I put them on just to remind myself of my own hubris (and to admire my legs). I had so many outfits planned for these shoes when I ordered them, but not being able to walk in them sort of spoils that, and these remind me that you gotta try shoes on before you buy them.


And that’s it! Those are my essential shoes. I hope to be a bit more active with my blog updates now that I’m a bit more settled in, wish me luck!



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